Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She's growing!

As you can see, I've got a little belly going on!  :)  We had our comprehensive ultrasound today (where they take a long time and check the baby for any abnormalities) and it went great.  Our little girl (confirmed gender again) was swimming around, and everything looked as it should for this stage of development!  

First Belly Shot:
Over the past few days, Ryan and I traveled to Arizona and Las Vegas with Jillian.  I have a funny baby story to share:  Over the week of being in Arizona, I didn't feel the baby moving at all.  It concerned me (since I had been feeling little flutters consistently for a short while) but I tried not to worry about it too much.  As we arrived in Vegas, I was happy to feel a quick kick of reassurance letting me know she was okay.  After that, she was pretty quiet again UNTIL Ryan and I went to the Beatles LOVE show...  For the first 5 minutes or so (when the music started) the baby had a dance party in my stomach!  It was hilarious!  I have never felt her that active before- it was really cool.  I think she's a Beatles fan!  ;)