Thursday, July 29, 2010

49 Weeks Old!

Another week already?

I suspect Liv is working on her top two teeth now. The drooling and mid day thumb sucking had stopped, and now we're full steam ahead again. I guess maybe she will have a toothy grin for her first birthday photos! The bottoms two are looking great and don't seem to be giving her any trouble now... She's happily using them for new things- like eating an entire piece of pizza WHOLE! I handed her a slice while we were at a party, (expecting her to gnaw on it a little) and when I turned around a few minutes later, it was gone. I looked on the floor. I asked Jillian about it. Then, the Dad across the table said, "um... yeah, she ate that whole thing". I could not believe it!

This week Liv did something new- sat up in her crib. I laugh because I know this is WAY later than most kids sit up in the crib, but up until just the other day, our sweet content little girl was always just laying there in the same place I had left her. Imagine my surprise when I went in at nap time, and both her legs were hanging through the bars, and her arms were draped over the top of the rail. She was just sitting there chillin', smiling at me. Time to finally lower her crib- at 11 months... hehe! Sweet baby.

To clarify, she's been able to go from her belly to sitting by herself for some time, but this is just the first time she did it in her crib. :)

This week in the photos (link) you'll see the girls sharing a cinnamon roll on Saturday morning (we've been doing "Cinnamon Roll Saturday" as a weekly tradition for nearly a year now, and sweet cupcake is finally old enough to taste our breakfast treat too!), showing off "I'm getting married rings" with Natalie, Liv patiently playing the patient in Jillian's favorite Dr. game, some naked crawling and bare feet comparing, Liv showing her flexibility on the white background, Liv's friend Leah 'encouraging her' to stand up, -smile- the girls having fun at Chuck-e-cheese (and Liv with that pizza I mentioned), sweet sleepy baby crawling, posing in a cute outfit (thanks Cindy!), and fun at the pool.

Have a great week!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

48 Weeks Old

Well folks, she's officially 11 months old! And, we could not be happier with our sweet little cupcake!
Sure, she's still only crawling (scooting) backwards, and sure, she's been a little more clingy/needy lately, but man oh man, she's still the sweetest, smiliest, most snuggly baby I've ever met.

It seems like every time Ryan makes eye contact with Liv, she lights up and claps her little hands. She loves her Daddy so much! She's pretty fond of her Mommy too- my favorite time is in the morning when both girls have just gotten up and we spend about 30 minutes just hanging out, reading, and snuggling in our big bed. We sure are lucky people, being the parents of these two lovely ladies!

In the PHOTOS THIS WEEK (link) you'll see: Fun with local friends, Liv hanging out with her friend Charlie, Jillian and Liv at the golf course playing on a chair, both girls in the cart at Costco, pictures with our friend Ashley, Liv inspired by Ashley to wear her heel-arious shoes (thanks Maggie!), COVERED in Mangos (have I mentioned what a MESSY eater this kid is???), nearly too big for her car seat, hanging out with Daddy and Jillian, Jillian and Liv meet our new friend baby John (he is PERFECT, like a little doll!!), fun in the bath- a close up of the birthmarks along her left arm, and more of her lashes (maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline...), posing outside, and fun at the *swimming pool!

* I should note- the bathing suit Liv is wearing in these photos, Jillian wore last week. It still fits Jillian just fine (it's 12 month size) and was just right for Liv too. I said to Jillian, "You're still wearing that bathing suit, are you sure you want to pick it for Liv today?" she responded, "oh... yeah... it will be fine for her. I'm just longer-ish, so it's different on me." true, true... :)

Have a great week! Only 4 more posts left on Liv's first year blog- can you believe it?!?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

47 Weeks Old!

What a week! Liv is finally really making an effort to crawl- depending on just how desirable something is (usually the most intriguing items are disgusting things like shoes or off limit things like cell phones, but oh well!) she will scoot and lunge until she gets it. Watch out Jillian- your world is about to change!

This week my Mom came to visit and we had a wonderful time- so wonderful in fact, that I barely took out my camera! I did get a couple pics, so be sure to check them out in the PHOTOS THIS WEEK!

In the pics, you'll see: Liv's second tooth, (I TRIED my hardest to get a good photo, but MAN! This kid is keeping her teeth under wraps!), fun with Mommy, fun with Natalie, Picking flowers for Grandma, Eating lunch with my Mom, Grandma and her girls, a family pic, pretty in blue (long lashes!), bath time with our friend Ashley who is visiting right now (SO great!), reading with Ash, and practicing crawling naked (good grip on the carpet!)

That's all for this week!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

46 Weeks Old

If Liv were being a little more cooperative about the whole thing, I'd have a nice photo of her brand new first tooth to share with you! As it is, you'll have to take my word for it! It's in there, and cute as can be. It's the bottom left tooth, and we can see the bottom right one just below the surface, so I'm sure next week I'll be reporting that both her bottom teeth have arrived. Aw!

As cute as those little teeth may be, they are causing a bit of a ruckus in our house. Liv has been waking up in the morning at 7am (about an hour early), and her afternoon nap is a little harder too (I can hear her talking in her crib right now, and it's only been about 1.5 hours- darn!) She's moody, wants to he held all the time, and is much less patient about Jillian taking toys from her, or touching her. I'm sure it will pass, and really, she's still being pretty darn good, just fussy on a 'Liv scale'...

Other exciting news- Liv is drinking out of a regular straw now, and can slurp in slippery noodles too! Let me tell you, the infatuation with drinking straws sure does make going out to eat a lot more fun (sarcastic!) She's a little obsessed, but at least we know she is well hydrated!

If you have a spare 15 minutes, check out all THE PHOTOS FROM THIS WEEK. There are a lot of great ones- it's been a fun 7 days. A 4th of July play date/early photo shoot, fun at a beach about 30 minutes away from the house, messy eater, photos from 4th of July (Jillian is being a STINKER in these pics... if you want proof that she's not always a ham for the camera, you've got it!) posing on a beach chair, and sister photos in adorable orange outfits from my cousin Heidi (thanks Heidi!) Whew! What a week!

Hope all is well, and wish us luck keeping cool in this record breaking East Coast heat! It's pool weather, that's for sure!!!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

45 Weeks Old

She said Ma Ma! Hooray! In all fairness, she didn't look at me or say it TO me or anything, but she can VERY distinctly make the MaMaMaMa sound now :) Makes my day to hear it.

Crawling update: At this point, I'm confident Liv has the strength to be crawling, and based on how she climbs all over me when we snuggle in bed, or lunges when she sees something she wants, (ie, the computer right now!!!) I'd say she has the motor skills too. The desire? Still nill. Oh well. She does put one foot behind her so she can lean Waaaaay over to reach things, and 'walk' hand over hand to lower herself down, or go back to a sitting position... :)

One big thing of note this week is Liv is finally drinking out of a sippy cup without a problem. She still needs an assist to get it tipped, but she sucks down water like nobody's business!

It's been a busy week, and we're having lots of fun this summer! Check out all the PHOTOS from this week (link)! You'll notice we were able to meet up with our friend Kathy in DC... up until this week, we were only 'online friends' so it was a huge treat to meet her in person! You'll also see Liv at the pool, helping Jillian and I make lemonade (by sitting in the sink!), lots of time outside, and a very familiar highchair pose with one foot up on the tray... Hmmm... I suppose these girls are siblings after all! Oh, and a collection of Liv munching on a leaf outside. High fiber diet ;)

More updates in 7 days!