Thursday, February 25, 2010

27 Weeks Old

Hi there sunshine!  What a great week we have had!
Maybe it was the extra attention she got during the week we spent in Las Vegas with my parents, or maybe she's decided her Mommy was right and there was no need for that whiney behavior!  Either way, we've got our happy go lucky little Liv back!

The funny thing is that on each plane ride, she decided to FREAK OUT for about 5 minutes.  Unexplained, uncontrollable crying.  It was like she was in pain or something... terrible.  I don't think it was her ears, but that may have contributed.  Oh well.  It was just a few minutes of crying (but enough to scare the people around us... lol)

She was an absolute peach in NV, and loved visiting with my Mom and Dad, as well as a quick visit from my Grandma Mary, & Uncle Mark.  At the end of the trip, my sister Marilyn and her fiance Neal drove in from California to meet Liv.  Marilyn then flew home with me and the girls (Ryan had headed back home earlier in the week) and is hanging out with us here on the East coast until Friday.  It's been great to have her here- she is SUPER helpful with the girls, and it's fun to have some sister time for me too!  We went today and had a photo taken of the four of us, one of her with the girls, and two of Liv for her 6 month birthday!

You can check them out HERE, or on the slideshow below!

Have a great week!!!


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

26 Weeks Old

This weekend, Liv will officially turn 6 months old! Does that seem awfully fast to anyone else?!? She's such a fun baby- we traveled to Vegas this week to visit my parents, and she's been a doll. She babbles and coos all the time, and still does lots of smiling for her family. She's starting to get a little more wary of strangers though- she definitly prefers familiar faces at this point...

We have been trying to encourage Liv to spend more time on her tummy, but for now, she has no interest in scooting/trying to crawl at all! Oh well! Maybe next week, she'll turn over a new leaf in regards to crawling since she'll be 1/2 a year old!!!!

Till next week, click HERE to see all the photos, or view the slideshow below!

Also, you can click HERE to see Valentine photos I took of both girls...

Take care-


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

25 Weeks Old

This week there are lots of new PHOTOS!
Liv is starting to get so much personality- we're having such a good time getting to know this little girl!
I know I usually talk about what a wonderful easy going baby Liv is, but this week has been a bit of a challenge.  Maybe it's the weather (we've been stuck inside for awhile because of snow) or, maybe it's something else?  I've been checking for teeth, giving her extra naps...  not sure :(  I hope this is just a quick phase because I'm not sure I can carry her around all day anymore!  She's always been a little snuggle bug, but now she's starting to be more vocal about wanting to be with me all the time!

In the slideshow below you'll see our sweet happy girl smiling, some sister hugs, Liv's different hairstyles (SHE HATED THIS!), fun with Mommy, snow baby in a basket, peek-a-boo, bath time, fun with Daddy, family Rock Band time, making lemonade, Liv puts in her own pacifier, and snuggling in a blanket!  Whew!  Enjoy your week!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

24 Weeks Old

Hi there silly face Liv!  We sure do love to kiss you, hug you, and make you laugh!
Now that Liv is 5 months old, she is really starting to show off her personality. She really loves when people talk to/smile at her and is always good for a grin back!  She warms your heart with those smiles!  Liv LOVES her family and has really started looking around when she hears Daddy's voice- 'where is that guy?!'  :)

Although Liv has rolled from her back to her belly, and belly to back, it's only been a handful of times.  She really likes to lounge most of all!  Haha!  We've started 'baby boot camp' around here though, (using toys that make her sit/stand vs. lay) and that seems to be helping to develop her leg/ab muscles more.  Not that there's anything wrong with being a delicious blob baby when you are 5 months old!!!!

Aside from more time sitting, Liv tried carrots this week (no thanks) and had a few friends over (see photos in the slideshow of her friends ganging up on her!!!) If you click HERE to see the photos from this week, you'll also see some tummy time, a happy girl, laying in the sink, playing with toys, sucking on fingers, sitting, smiling, and a photo mid-sneeze... ahhhh CHoo!

Have a great week!