Thursday, April 29, 2010

36 Weeks Old

Liv is 8 months old, and while we were at the pediatrician for Jillian, I plopped her on a scale- 18.4lbs! I actually thought she would weigh more than that... maybe she's starting to slow down a little...

This week in the PHOTOS (LINK) you'll see that we celebrated Ryan's birthday! Also, Liv had fun outside, ate lunch at Sonic (she got to eat a french fry!), and enjoyed hanging out with her baby friend Laney at the Go Cart Raceway. We also enjoyed lots of sister bath time, snacking on new things like cheese puffs (now that Liv is proficient at self feeding!), and playing with lots of toys! Whew!

I can also happily report that Liv seems to be turning over a new leaf on her attempt to be more mobile. She is doing this really funny worm wiggle crawl thing when she lays on her back. She still FAR prefers being on her back than belly, so unfortunately when we try to give her some time to practice crawling, she just flips right over. Oh well!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

35 Weeks Old

Da Da Daaa DAAaa Da Da! Big news for this week is Liv turned 8 months old, and is doing LOTS and LOTS of talking including saying Da Da all the time! It's so cute and despite the fact that I'm (more than) a little jealous that he gets to be first, I'm trying to focus on the fact that it means Ma Ma is probably just around the corner... :)
Oh man, I could just gobble this kid up. Her little personality is just so lovable! She always has a big smile for anyone willing to make eye contact with her, and she's just such a joy to be around. Ryan and I were pretty sure we wanted to have another baby before we had Liv, but if we weren't convinced this is the type of baby that would convince to go ahead and try for #3- she's just so amazing- I can't say it enough.

This week Ryan's Dad traveled to see us and although I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, that's only because we were SO busy while he was here. It was a great visit- thanks for taking your time to come see us, Jay!

In the PHOTOS THIS WEEK (LINK) you'll see Go Cart racing, Grandpa Jay, out to lunch, fun in the yard, and a VERY unhappy baby being forced to try to crawl. It's still a no go, folks. ;)

Until next week,


Thursday, April 15, 2010

34 Weeks Old

Each week I like to pick my favorite photo of Liv's face for this blog.  For this "main photo" it's always one of her looking right at the camera.  Even though this one isn't my absolute favorite (when I saw the choices I had to work with I just about grabbed her out of bed at 11:15pm for a quick photo shoot) (I'm only a little kidding) but it will do.  She's a cutie even if the photo is a tad out of focus on her face!

Anyway- as usual, Liv has been a peach this week.  The new thing to report is over the past few weeks, she's been getting better and better at feeding herself little things, and sitting in the high chair.  She's getting so big!  She really likes eating yogurt drops, and these little veggie straw things (that are basically potato chips).  It's cute, and although she does make a huge mess and drop most of it on the floor, it's progress.  Let's just say that she and Peanut are getting to be better and better friends...  ;)

Today I was telling Ryan about what a great day I had with the girls.  It was fabulous.  We went out to a garden in Baltimore that plants 80K tulips each year!!!  80K!!!  There were all sorts of flower beds, and lots of variety in bloom colors and such.  Most of the PHOTOS FROM THIS WEEK are from the garden.  I took Liv's Easter dress with us, and got a few extra of her in that!


Until next week.....


Thursday, April 8, 2010

33 Weeks Old

Although there are a good number of photos this week (LINK), there's not as much variety as usual.  This is because over Easter weekend, we traveled to NYC, and I left my camera on the train when we got off.  I could not believe it!  We assumed there was no chance we'd get it back, but believe it or not, after a series of phone calls, (I'm making this sound easy!) it was found and shipped back to me!  Amazing!

This week Liv enjoyed her second trip to New York, lots of fun family Easter time, and time outside enjoying our great Spring weather!

Busy day... that's all for now-


Thursday, April 1, 2010

32 Weeks Old

Do you know what I love the most about being a Mom?  That these babies, are ours.  I can do whatever I want with them, whenever I want.  I have always loved babies.  I remember looking at moms with their cute little ones at restaurants and such and thinking- 'I'd like to pick that baby up' or 'I bet that baby would laugh if I ticked her'.  And now?  I can pick them up, tickle them, kiss them, love them.... all on my own terms.  I. LOVE. THESE. KIDS.  And, I love being a Mom.  When I get Liv out of her crib in the morning, or after a nap I always say, "Hi Goo-dee Girl"  ("Goo-dee girl" explanation:  My friend Marlyn speaks Spanish, and calls Liv "Gorda" which means fat.  haha.  Since I don't speak Spanish, I found myself changing this nickname into Gouda (my love of cheese, and her milky squishy texture explains this) Gouda somehow, evolved to Goo-Dee (with Jillian's help) and that explains that.)  

Anyway- Goo-dee girl has been in the habit of waking at 5:30am for a snack and a snuggle and this week we decided no more.  If I try to let her put herself back to sleep, she talks/whines/sings for OVER an hour before going back to bed.  Since her room and ours shares a wall, this means I'm awake the whole time.  The solution?  Liv has slept the last 4 nights in a pack and play in the laundry room.  And me, I've slept great.  Ha!  I think she's getting over waking up at 5ish now that she's not getting any attention, so I'm sure she'll be back in her pretty room soon.  haha!

In the PHOTOS THIS WEEK (link), you'll see Liv on her beautiful Easter quilt (thank you Shere!), Jillian "helping me" feed Liv, our Easter bunny in a basket, face painting, tummy time with her friend Laney, cute VANS from Aunt Marilyn, out to dinner, after the bath, pretty face, checking email with Jillian, story time at the library, & us on a tour of the local baseball field.  Whew!  What a week!

Take care,


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