Thursday, March 19, 2009

16 Weeks... appointment today!

I got a call this morning, and they tried to cancel our appointment for 3pm today because the Dr. I was supposed to see is out sick.  No way!  After a little bit of a conversation with a supervisor, I'm seeing someone else instead, still 3:00.   

So... the reason for this update prior to the appointment (rather than after) is assuming we get an ultrasound, there is a good chance at 16 weeks we will be able to see if our little one is a boy, or a girl!!!  I think it is hilarious that the poll is currently 50/50...  I didn't need the input of over 60 people in order to know it's 50/50 between boy and girl!  LOL!!

So, if you have not voted yet, there's a good chance today will be your last day to get your input in...    Happy guessing!  

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