Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 Weeks Old

Link: Week 5 Photos!
Sweeter and Sweeter every week!  Liv is really starting to get such a nice little personality.  She smiles and coos, and really tracks people and noises with her eyes.  At her 1 month appointment, she weighed in at a 1/2 ounce shy of 9lbs!  That's nearly 2 pounds of weight gain in a month!  I guess my, "special Mommy milk" (as Jillian would call it) is really doing the trick!

Funny nursing story...  While my cousin Heidi was here visiting, Jillian asked me, "Does Heidi have special Mommy milk too?"  I explained how you only have Mommy milk if you had a baby in your belly.... to which Jillian replied: "Oh.  Well...  Hmm.... does Heidi have water?!"  Lol... I love kids.

Anyway- back to Liv.  Last night, she slept from 8-11pm, ate at 11, and went back to sleep.  From 12:30-1:30 she was a little fussy so I fed her again at 2am.  Then, after that feeding she slept until 8:30am!  6.5 hours! 

Liv enjoyed having my parents in town for a week, and we were sad to see them go on Tuesday.  Ryan's parents will be arriving for a visit this weekend though, so the girls will be happy to have extra attention again!  

Be sure to check out all the PHOTOS from this week, and see if you can guess which shot I've titled, "One good reason to have a sibling".

The biggest milestone for this week:  I put Liv's hair in a teeny-tiny ponytail for the first time!  Then I was able to use that to attach a clip.  Finally accessorizing!  ;)

:)  Nancy


Marilyn Eve said...

Such a sweet babe!

marlyn said...

she looks so cute. She is starting to look less like a newborn baby. She looks bigger than she did a week ago when I saw her. Oh by the way, Natalia asked me if you still had Liv in your tummy and I said no...remember we saw her... so then she says it's Mr. Ryans turn to be in the tummy. LOl, she is so funny!