Thursday, February 26, 2009

13 Weeks Along...

It's been a week since we went 'public' with our news.  It's so nice to hear from so many people wishing us (and baby!) well.  Thanks to everyone for the comments, emails, and votes!  Looks like more than 60% of you think (so far) that's we'll have a boy this time around.  We'll see! 

I found this really cool image of a baby at 13 weeks- WOW!  We can't wait until our next appointment (late March) and hope to get another peek at our little one in there!
So far, I've been feeling pretty good.  I am still a little tired in the afternoons, but I was lucky to (almost) completely miss dealing with morning sickness at all.  This was the same with Jillian's pregnancy...  I know, I'm very lucky!  (For so many reasons!!!!)  I also caved and pulled out the maternity pants already (MUCH earlier than I did for Jillian!)  I'm not really 'showing' yet so I can't post a belly pic, but it is SOoooo much more comfortable to wear things that don't restrict me at all when I sit down.

Anyway-  Just wanted to give a quick update with how things are going!

Take care,

Nancy, Ryan and Jillian too!


Trisha said...

It is great to see information on the development stages- absolutely amazing how small but complete the process is.
The end of March! I'm looking forward to that update!

Amy Frelly said...

With my second pregnancy, I swear to you, I hung up with the nurse giving me positive results and my button popped off my jeans! And it was a boy!
Go for comfort!!!

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the update :)