Thursday, August 27, 2009

1 Week Old!

Okay, in addition to the 100 or so photos I've posted of Liv so far, you can:
CLICK HERE for more new photos!
I also have a few more from this first week (like the one below) I'll share later, but they are from the batch of photos I took for her birth announcements, so I don't want to reveal them all just yet ;)
During Jillian's first year, I updated about her progress once a week. My intention is to do the same for sweet Liv. Already this week so many things have changed, so I welcome this opportunity to sit down, and reflect on what we've experienced so far with her.

In general, having a newborn in the house is one of the most amazing things... It's exhausting, wonderful, overwhelming, and simply amazing. To be honest, I've always loved newborns. The little puzzle of figuring out what makes them happy, reading their cues and responding to their needs... Breathing in the very essence of them. They are unlike anything else in the world. Such a tiny package of promise and potential. I love them. I love Liv. I can sit and stare at her for such long periods of time, and she can bring a lump to my throat by just laying there making her sweet tiny baby noises. It's magical.

So far Livy sleeps like a champ. We had one rough night when all she wanted was to eat and snuggle, but overall it's been great. Waking up every 3 hours or so to eat, and then right back down. We've been keeping her in our room so far, but I think the crib will come next week... She's doing well in there for some of her naps during the day so I think she can handle it- (assuming I can!) haha...

Eating is going well too- I'm getting used to the whole thing again, and she's slowly learning. I forgot how much coaching they need in the beginning! We brought her to her first pediatrics appointment yesterday, and she was only down a little from her birth weight, so that's good.

Even though this blog is about Liv, I think it's important to add that Jillian simply loves her. She is adjusting SO well, and looks for Liv in the morning to say, "Good morning baby Liv!" It's very sweet. She wants to hold her often (and then after about 5 seconds always says, "She wants her Mommy" and nudges her back to me). Lots of kisses, lots of helping Mommy and Daddy, and lots of saying, "Ew! Baby Liv pooped!" ;)

This week Liv got to meet quite a few of our friends from MOMS Club as they have coordinated bringing meals for our family. I feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful group of parents and children to call our friends. Thanks for all your support ladies!

Ryan's also been a great support. Jillian sure loves that guy! ;) He took this whole week off of work, so there's been lots of quality family time and extra attention for Jillian. It's been really nice.

Okay- that's it for this week. Tune in next Thursday for another batch of photos and an update on Liv!


Marilyn Eve said...

Yeah for Thursday Liv updates! I loved reading the post... but I really can't wait till I get to meet Liv in person and share in the snuggles!


Jenny said...

Nancy, isn't it amazing the amount of love available in your heart?! I'm am always in awe of Gods blessings and goodness, and excited to experience it even more. Much love to you all.

Jenny said...

PS one of the most wonderful things you can document on Liv's blog is how Jillian and her interact. There is nothing sweeter than watching your children love each other! You couldn't, and wouldn't want to keep it only about Liv on this blog, because she's not an only child!

Greg said...

I'm putting my vote in now for her having brown eyes! So cute! Looking forward to your weekly updates.

Grandma Trisha said...

I am so happy to see a new post. I found the photo's heartwarming and I am thrilled Ryan has had the week off. I look forward to seeing you all. Natalie is lucky to be nearby!

Maggie Haynes said...

I love the Kules family! Thank you for sharing your special moments with all of us. I have my postcard proudly displayed on my desk! Liv is gorgeous!!!

Marilyn said...

I just got my Liv birth announcement, very sweet!

Thank you!!! XOXOX

Muriel and Jerry said...

ohhh I just got the most precious announcement today. made my day. precious just precious.