Monday, August 3, 2009

Liv's Room is DONE!

Here's a LINK for all the photos of Liv's completed bedroom!!!!

Here's the whole story of how the room came to be, and all the things we did:

* Ryan and I shopped and shopped to find bedding we loved.  We found a collection from Kids Line called Birdsong which was being discontinued.  A store near us still had one in stock, so we were lucky to get the quilt, dust ruffle, 1 valence, diaper stacker, sheet and bumper.

* A few months ago, our sweet friends Sarah and Chris were visiting from Arizona and watched Jillian while Ryan and I went out of town.  As if they had not done enough, I convinced them to help me paint into the wee hours of the night.  We did a robin egg blue on the ceiling and top 18 inches of the wall, and a lavender on the bottom.  

* Next, Ryan and I measured/cut/painted half round molding to put between the two colors.

* We searched high and low for the perfect furniture for the room- we wanted the finish to be white, to have a nice sized dresser and crib that converts to a full size bed.  

* We knew we wanted to incorporate a large wall unit we could fill with baskets and use to store toys for the girls.  We purchased this and Ryan and I assembled it and were glad to have it while we organized the room!  We also purchased a large brown rug for in front of this unit.

* Our furniture order arrived, and Ryan and I set it up together in the room.  It's amazing quality, and weighs a ton.  Very nice.

* Next up were the curtains.  I made sheer panels for privacy, and long white curtains which are pulled to the side with pink ribbon.  Then, since our bedding set only came with one valance, I decided to cut apart the crib skirt that had come with the set, to sew tops for both windows.  Then, I added white tabs to those so we could hang them.  I also added a strip of solid purple fabric to the valence to jazz them up a little bit.

* Since I had cut up the crib skirt, I made a new one...  Out of the solid purple.

* I purchased a few lights to go on the top of the large bookshelf to provide ambient light in the room- I love the way this looks!!!

* After MUCH searching we found the perfect rocker/glider for the room.  It's white wood, with the perfect color purple cushions.  Thanks for your help with this, Karen! ;)

* I had purchased a few different baskets/containers to organize books on the large shelf.  It was actually hard to find the perfect ones that looked good and were functional, but after what felt like 1 million different purchases and returns, I settled on a nice wicker set with pink liners.  They're so cute and my Mom and I found them for a great deal!

My Mom came into town and helped SO much with all the finishing touches in the room.  

Together, we:

* Made floor pillows for the rug area by the bookshelf and a little pillow for on the chair.  A while ago I found a great stripe fabric that picks up all the colors in the bedding, so we used a lot of that, and cut up and used the fabric that was supposed to be the valance.  Cute, cute...

* Finished an art project...  I made 8x8 scrapbook pages online using Heritage Makers, featuring a tree, flower, and dragonfly.  I customized them a little more by using the words Liv, Madeline, and Kules over and over as the background of the images.  Then, I cut wood so it would have about a 1 inch border around the pictures, routed the edges, painted them white, and then used Mod Podge to adhere the pictures to the wood.  I also put Mod Podge right over a ribbon border so the whole square has a nice sealed finish.  They turned out great.

* Made a butterfly mobile for above the crib...  This was a labor of love for sure, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  We found a template for an intricate butterfly online, and used a copy machine to make 3 different butterfly sizes.  Then, we cut a bunch out of card stock, searched the neighborhood for the perfect branch, and hung the butterflies at different heights with pink string.

* Found 9 white frames we could use to display pictures of Liv with her extended family once she arrives.  We did this in Jillian's room too, and she says "goodnight" to each person often.  This means despite our distance in miles, our most important family members are familiar to her.  For now, we quickly drew fun little pictures with marker so the frames would not be empty!

*  Added a green polka dot ribbon (the same one that is on the pillows and the artwork) to the bottom of the sheer panels for the windows.

* And finally:  Hung a floating shelf for the diaper baskets, accessorized those baskets with alternating green/pink ribbon, hung hooks for towels, found the perfect hamper, hung Liv's name above the closet bordered by two large flowers on pink ribbon AND put a cute, "Shhh... Baby Dreaming" decal above the crib.

WHEW!  If you think that was a lot to type/read, imagine doing it all!!!!  I'm so glad it's done, so appreciative of all the help I had, and SO ready to meet Liv and see what she thinks of it all!  :)


Meagan Shaw said...

I love it!! Can't wait to meet Liv!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! It's beautiful! You guys did a great job!
Traci Turner

Household6 said...

SO CUTE!! Where did you find the hamper??? Oh and it's truly not complete until her new blanket from Miss Heather is in there!!

Abby said...

Nancy ~

The hair bows are clearly small potatoes. You should design and decorate babies rooms. Both have been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!


Grandma Trisha said...

I cannot wait to meet Miss Liv. My favorite part of the room is the pillow corner so Jillian has a place to hang out and read. Comfy!

Randy and Tiffany said...

WOW Nancy! You should be one of those people who designs other people's baby nurseries for a living! Seriously! I wish I could see it all in person, cuz it sounds amazing and I bet it is even MORE amazing in person! :) I'm so excited for Liv to hurry and get here!!! :)

Karen said...

I love, love, LOVE the baby mobile! I think you should sell some things at Etsy. Seriously! The nursery is absolutely beautiful.

The Magura Family Baby Blog said...

I LOVE IT! I hope my nursery can be that CREATIVE as yours is. Wanna help? LOL! Great job. You are the most creative girl I know. Can you post pictures of the other sides of the room? I need more of a visual....

Kim Decker said...

I am so glad I was finally able to log on and see these pictures. The room looks great! The quilt is absolutely awesome. I am so impressed!

I will be in the DC area running a race in October. I probably won't stay at the Hotel Kules so shortly after baby Liv arrives, but I would definitely love to see her when I get there. See if you can pencil me in between feedings and diaper changes. :)

Lisa H said...

Liv is so lucky to have such a relaxing, beautiful and loving room! You have a great eye for decorating!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I just came across your baby blog when I was doing a very deep search online for the Birdsong bedset. (Realized it's discontinued and very limited items left.) I did find the bedset at Buy Buy Baby which is on the East coast (I'm from NJ/NYC). It can actually be ordered online at the website if you need anymore fabric to work with.

I just wanted to stop and say though how much you inspired me! I'm due in December and have been trying to choose items for the nursery. This is my first baby. I'm so very picky about the colors and decor and just love the birdsong set but couldn't find all the pieces! I've been so caught up in the 'purchasing' of ready made items that I haven't been quite my usual creative self. But your blog has given me a lot of great ideas. I'm actually very crafty and art focused so I'm very excited to take this route instead of driving myself crazy trying to find people selling the birdsong accessories. I'm thinking about purchasing another bedset to cut and create new pieces the way you did. Can't find any of the other nursery pieces like hamper, switch plate cover, rugs etc. I did see the lamp online at Ebay but not sure if I'm going to pick that up. Anyhoo! Thank you so much for the inspiration and wish you all the best! Your nursery is just so beautiful and so thoughtful!