Thursday, November 19, 2009

13 Weeks Old


Officially 3 months old tomorrow...

She's making more coo-ing noises, holding her head up like a champ, storing up her um.... 'messy' diapers for a day or two to be sure when she does go, it's EVERYWHERE, loves to listen to her sister sing songs, and really likes being on her belly.  She's still eating every three hours during the day like clockwork (seriously, 10 minutes past feeding time, and she lets me know it!) and sleeps from 9:30pm-11 & then 11pm-8am regularly.  This is one fantastic little lady we've got!

She smiles SOooo much now (whenever we try to get a smile, we're always successful) and really adds so much to our happy house.  WE LOVE LIV!

Have a great week- there's not as many photos this week, but I'd like to think quality makes up for quantity.  The other baby sitting on the couch with her is our friend Leah... she was born a week after Liv.

Have a great day!


1 comment:

Marilyn Eve said...

Love the post and the pics! You know I am a fan of the purple beanie and matching socks!

Love you all! XOXOX