Thursday, November 5, 2009

11 Weeks Old

Up until this week, I would say Liv still slept the majority of the time.  But now, she's really starting to enjoy being awake, and looking around more.  She cracks me up.  Often, when I'm feeding her she will look at me and crack a huge grin.  It's adorable except for the fact that she always seems to do it with a mouthful of milk, and forgets to swallow first.  Haha- messy baby.

I took a video this week that I'll have to post- remember me telling you about the cranky baby on her changing pad?  Well, I decided to do something for Liv that I had done for Jillian:  cut out a photo of Daddy and put it on the bottom of the shelf that hangs above her changing area.  I would say that since the addition of this photo, Liv cries at least 50% less.  When she notices it, she always smiles and sticks out her tongue.  Livi loves her Daddy!

Developmentally, Liv is doing great- holding her head much better, starting to really put weight on her legs if you hold her standing up, and can lift her head really high when she is on her belly.  Much more cooing going on now too...  so sweet.

One of the photos on the Shutterfly site this week is Liv with an old yellow bear.  That was my bear growing up, and his name is Boo-Boo.  I had to dig him out when I put Liv in that fuzzy yellow sleeper thing, because she reminded me so much of him!



Meagan Shaw said...

Love all the pics. So cute!

Marilyn Eve said...

Precious post and photos! Thanks Nancy. XOXOX