Thursday, June 10, 2010

42 Weeks Old

How could you not want to kiss that face? Goodness little cupcake, you certainly are sweet!

I hope you LOVE the video below as much as we do- Liv is doing something new... waving! It's SO stinkin' cute! If you get these updates via email, you may have to click this link to see the video on the blog ( And, if it makes you smile, throw me some love and leave a comment on this blog! Is there anybody out there?!? :)

Aside from waving, the other remarkable thing Liv did this week was eat 2 whole stage 2 baby foods, and a bunch of veggie straws and hummus all in one sitting. This girl sure does like hummus! I'm so glad- It's a favorite snack for us girls to share in the afternoon!

In the PHOTOS THIS WEEK (link) you'll see mini golfing with Daddy, lots of cowgirl/farm fun, flirting with our friend Leighton, snack time, and fun in a baby pool!

Until next week!



Cara said...

aw, Liv is growing up! I am even more amazed that she can do it on command!

Anonymous said...

that video was so sweet!!!!! the only thing sweeter is her smile... :)
still lovin' the pictures--you do a great job!


Anonymous said...

haha that just made my day! What a little cutie pie :)


Jenny said...

So sweet, Nancy. I can see Jillian's smile in hers too, oh what a cute little blessing she is! :)

Marilyn Eve said...

I love Liv!!!

Lisa Hayes said...

That video is awesome! What a cutie she is! Thanks for keeping us up to date in the world of Liv!