Thursday, June 24, 2010

44 Weeks Old

Well, she's officially 10 months old now. Whew. And yes, if you know me, this means the serious planning for her first birthday party has begun ;) It's going to be fabulous! Hehehe... I have gone back and forth with possible 'themes' for the party, and finally settled on basing it around the color yellow instead of a character or something. We're going to ask everyone who comes to her party to wear yellow for the event too- I can't wait for the photos! It's going to be so cheery and fun! So, if you're local, start checking your wardrobe for yellow, and mark off the Sat or Sun (not sure which yet) after her b-day (Aug. 20th). :)

It's funny when I think of her birthday getting closer... she seems like so much more of a baby at this age than Jillian did. I know this is in large part because she is still not crawling, but there's other things too. She's just such a content/mellow little girl so far (I'll be eating my words when she's 12, I know!) We are really enjoying her so much- she makes being a Mom as easy as it could possibly be!

This week we kept busy with friends- In the PHOTOS THIS WEEK (link) you'll see a play date where we learned about gardening and Liv was passed around by some of the adorable kids in our MOMS Club, bath time in the sink with big sister Jillian, photos from Father's Day, a "yellow themed" play date (the inspiration for her party!!!), and some sister & individual photos on our black background.

Hope all is well!


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Grandma Trisha said...

Beautiful summer photos!