Thursday, October 29, 2009

10 Weeks Old

It seems one of the only things that gets Liv in a funk is a diaper change.  We're in trouble with winter approaching I'm afraid, because when a cool breeze hits her big 'ol belly, she screams.  I've documented the face she makes HERE.  Interesting however, that as long as her bottom is in nice warm water (in the bath) a cold tummy is not offending at all.  This little baby  l o v e s bath time.

Honestly, writing about cranky Liv during diaper changes is only of note because most of the time, she's a peach.  She smiles a lot (especially in the evening before bed- I think she's already trying to manipulate me into keeping her up a little longer) enjoys tummy time (by enjoys, I mean promptly falls asleep) and loves to snuggle.

We're keeping busy around here, getting ready for Halloween, and trying our hardest not to contract a nasty flu virus...  lots of hand washing and avoiding stuffy crowded places going on since Liv can't get a shot...

Double digits already for Liv's weeks... 10!?  That's practically 1/5 of her first year!  Better start planning her first birthday party now!  ;)


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Jenny said...

Do you have a wipes warmer? I thought it was a cheesy waste of money, but it cheered Addie and her cool bum, right UP! :)

Happy Halloween, can't wait to see the pics!