Thursday, December 3, 2009

15 Weeks Old

Here's a LINK for all the photos this week!
I love to go back to Jillian's babysite and read about what she was doing at Liv's current age.  Last week I told Liv she had better laugh this week if she wanted to keep up with her sister.  Well, sibling competition seems to work in our house because mere hours before I posted for this week, Liv let out a tiny giggle.  We were visiting with some of our local MOMS Club friends, and I told Heather that Liv was going to let Jillian beat her on this particular milestone.  Heather leaned down to tickle Liv and said, "You've got nothing to laugh about little girl?" Liv smiled and smiled at her and after a few more tickles and encouragement, let out a tiny little laugh.  So sweet.  So, not quite the big belly laugh Jillian did at 15 weeks, but regardless- it counts!  lol.  I'm sure Liv will be happy to read this when she is a little older!

Also this week, Liv continues to explore her hands and how to control her arms.  She is constantly batting at toys, grabbing things (hair! -ouch- ) and wiggling.  

On November 29th, Liv helped our family celebrate Ryan's 4th Alive Day.  Awhile back Ryan casually mentioned that he had always wanted a bonsai tree, so we go him one this year and the girls 'helped' him set it up...

In the photos from the week you'll also see Liv wearing the dress Jillian had on for her first Christmas photo.  I'd say the dress fits the girls about the same, but remember, Liv is 3 months younger than Jilli was when she wore it!  :)

'till next week...


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Marilyn said...

So happy to hear that Liv is a happy laughing baby... and quite the chunky monkey!