Thursday, December 10, 2009

16 Weeks Old

Click HERE for all the photos from this week, or check out the new embedded slideshow at the bottom of this post...

Boy oh boy, time is flying by!  It's 10pm here, and my Mom just had to call me to remind me it was Thursday-Liv-post-day!  It's already been a week?  Really?

This little girl makes us smile so much.  She's honestly 99.9% of the time a breeze.  She swats at her toys all the time now, and makes so much noise when she sucks on her hands that sometimes I come in from the other room to see what's going on!

Jillian loves Liv.  She loves to give her hugs, hold her, give her a pacifier, pat her, bathe her, sing to her.  Liv is one lucky lady to have such a great big sister.  (Girls, read this 10 years from now...  you DO love each other, I promise!)  haha.

Liv is still swaddled up TIGHT at night to go to bed.  She loves being a baby burrito as much as Jillian hated it.  When she gets tired at night, you can see the relief on her face when I pull out the special swaddle blanket.  Seriously.

Okay- that's it for this week...  I have 1000 things to get done before bed, 999 of which will have to wait until tomorrow...

:)  Nancy

Oh- two photos in the slideshow I'd like to 'point out'.  One, me biting her cheek.  That's for everyone out there that would like to be doing that.  How could you see those cheeks and not want to eat them?!?

And two, Liv in her bouncy chair with a pacifier in her mouth, and one in each hand.  When you love something, go all out...  haha!


Grandma Trisha said...

I see that the baby burrito is positively delicious!

JTHRAD said...

as always...I love the pictures! You give me some good ideas for my little munchkins... :)

Meagan Shaw said...

I love your picture updates & always look forward to them too.

Miss you all.

Marilyn said...

Liv is so sweet! Thanks for the update and charming pics!

Love you! XOXOX

Marilyn said...
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