Thursday, December 17, 2009

17 Weeks Old

With the holidays approaching, things have been very busy around our house.  For the first time, I'll say I'm not surprised a week has passed!  We've done so much!

To see all the photos from this week, click HERE or check out the slideshow at the bottom of this post!
Our MOMS Club Holiday events were this week, so Liv had lots of fun being passed around at different events and watching all the kids running around and having fun.  One gathering was a pajama party/breakfast so the girls and I took a couple cute photos in front of a Christmas tree.  It's so fun to wear snuggly clothes out of the house!

Even though it's rather cool outside, Liv wanted to make sure she got a photo in the tiny bathing suit Grandpa Randall brought home from Europe for Jillian when she was a baby.  Please check out the photo below in the slideshow to see Liv's leg rolls in their full glory- baby chub is so fabulous! ;)

A couple other photos to note in the slideshow...  Liv in The Bumbo (she HATES it, and it was Jillian's FAVORITE... go figure...)  Liv all bundled up in her car seat for the cold weather (I love that warm wrap for around her seat!) and finally, my favorite pic of the week- a measurement of each of the girls bellies.  Yup.  Jillian's waist is bigger...  by ONE inch.  lol

Have a great week!

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Grandma Trisha said...

Hook, line and sinker... those girls have me. I had to log on just to see the photo's again. The bathing suit is a hoot. (And will be reassuring to all of us this summer.)