Thursday, January 7, 2010

20 Weeks Old

Dear Liv:  I am so glad you are a healthy, thriving baby.  You bring an incredible amount of joy into our home... smiling all the time, your sweet little giggle...  You're amazing.
That being said, want to slow down just a TOUCH on the growing? 

At Liv's 4 month appointment yesterday she was:

24 3/4 inches tall (70th %)
weighed 15lbs, 9.5oz (90th %)
and had a head circumference of 41.5cm (70th %)

I know she seems huge (especially considering Jillian is currently 2 years, 7 months old and weighed in yesterday at only 26lbs!) but I think it is worth noting that when Jillian was 18 weeks old, she weighed 14lbs, 8oz and was 24.5 inches tall... 

This week was a lot of fun.  Liv continues to be adored by her sister (and Mom and Dad!) and smiles on cue almost 100% of the time.  If you nibble on her neck and make grunting noises (grunts mandatory) she will always giggle, and if you bite her toes she will look at you like you are absolutely insane.  Haha...

Thanks to Liv's nice round belly, we can prop her into a sitting position for long enough to take a photo.  She's not really a huge fan of that though...  She has warmed up a little to the Bumbo chair now, but still really prefers the bouncy chair to anything else.  

Liv had to get 4 shots yesterday at her well baby visit.  She did just fine... minimal screaming, and she does not seem too sore today.  Jillian on the other hand, TOTALLY wigged out about the shots.  She was hysterically crying and yelled to the nurse- "I don't want you to give my sister shots!"  and, "Don't touch her!"  If I was not already trying to console one crying child, it may have been a little cute and heartwarming the way she was defending her little sis.  In retrospect, it really was sweet.  At the time, total headache.  :)

Last topic:  Liv's hair.  It seems the falling out may be done, and we're left with no hair on the sides (although that is already growing back somewhat quickly) and a long mohawk on the top.  It's hilarious.  She really rocks the look, I think.  Today I put her little spike into a pony tail, and got some cute photos...  

In the slideshow below (or at this LINK), you'll see Liv practicing her hand eye coordination, some 'sitting' on our bed, a few shots of her band aids, lots of bath time fun, a play date with Abby (she's 3 weeks younger than Liv) and the ponytail shots.

Have a great week!

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Marilyn Eve said...

Nancy, great photos and post! I especially love the photo you chose for the top of the entry, Liv looks so happy and cute.

Liv, pack on the pounds while you can because I think once you are mobile you're going to burn them all off chasing after your big sis.

Love you all!

The Hayes Family said...

Liv- You area absolutely adorable and have a wonderful big sis! Have a great week!

Grandma Trisha said...

I had a hard time getting a link online. Imagine my distress, and then my reward when I got to see this weeks photos. I love the two girls in the bathtub. They won't be able to do that for long.