Thursday, January 14, 2010

21 Weeks Old

Oh sweet girl, we just can't get enough of you!
Despite the fact that we had a busy week, I don't have as many new photos as I'd expect. I was thinking about it, and I'm certain the cold weather has something to do with it.  When we're out and about, I'm less likely to drag my big camera along (since we already have jackets/blankets to deal with) and taking pictures indoors provides far less variety.  Oh well- there are more portrait type shots this week, but she's documented none the less!

The big news this week is that Liv officially rolled over from her belly to her back.  Twice in a row.  No extra squishy surface, or other variable that may have contributed...  She did it all by herself!  She's yet to repeat her trick for Ryan to see, but it's just a matter of time I'm sure.

Another change- the drool factor.  My friend Marlyn noticed at the beginning of the week that Liv had "a ton of drool going on" and it has gotten nothing but worse as the week progressed.  Teeth?

Liv's vocalizing is also continuing to develop...  I was on the phone this morning talking to my parents and she kept interrupting to tell a Loooooong story!  "AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAaaAA"

In the Photos:  Liv crashed out under her new floor toy (thanks Ali!), Liv all dressed up on our way to a baptism for our friend baby Charlie, Ryan getting some big smiles/love from Liv, Liv watching Jillian "build dinosaur houses", baby headband model photos (Ryan can't stand headbands on the girls, but I think it's cute every once in awhile!), hand sucking/drooling, a birthday party, more sleeping/smiling/yawning...  You can check them out in the slideshow below, or click HERE!

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Jenny said...

She is so sweet. Lawrence feels the same about the headbands, but I agree, sometimes they are super cute...small battle to lose I say! :)

I hope for your sake no teeth yet!

Marilyn said...

Sweet post. Love you guys.