Thursday, January 28, 2010

23 Weeks Old

Sweet little Liv, despite not feeling 100% this week, you're still a happy-go-lucky little baby... we are so lucky to call you ours!
Thursday sure does creep up quickly around here!  This week Liv has started to get more comfortable with her rolling. You'll notice in some of the photos I had a little bit of a hard time keeping her on her belly to take a picture!  :)  She also is still drooling quite a bit, still loves her bouncy chair or snuggling, and is totally, TOTALLY smitten with her big sister.  Jillian can make her laugh at the drop of a hat!

We've been dealing with a stuffy nose and cough for about 4 days now.  Sweet little thing!  It's hard to eat when your nose is plugged up, but she's figuring it out.  We've pulled out all the tricks for infant colds since they can't take any meds... propping up her mattress to a slight angle, humidifier, warm room, baby vicks, saline drops, booger sucker...  It seems to be helping.  Luckily, the rest of our family is in good health so hopefully this has almost run its course.

Click HERE to see this weeks photos! You'll see a happy girl hanging out in the swing outside, a sad girl because Mommy stopped the swing to take a photo, lots of her rolling around/posing in the cute CUTE personalized bloomers our friend got for her (thanks Karen!), posing pretty on the couch, playing with big sister on the floor (this takes place in our house for hours each day!), and two cute black and white photos.

Hope all is well with you!  

Until next week,


P.S.- I know I usually only feature one photo per week, but I had to include this one too in case you don't check out the slideshow.  Mmmm!  I could eat her!!!

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Marilyn said...

Oh what a great post and so many cute cute pictures! I have been looking forward to this update all day and I wasn't disappointed!

Love you all!

JTHRAD said...

She is just a little butterball!!! What a cutie! She seems as though she is always smiling. :)