Thursday, February 11, 2010

25 Weeks Old

This week there are lots of new PHOTOS!
Liv is starting to get so much personality- we're having such a good time getting to know this little girl!
I know I usually talk about what a wonderful easy going baby Liv is, but this week has been a bit of a challenge.  Maybe it's the weather (we've been stuck inside for awhile because of snow) or, maybe it's something else?  I've been checking for teeth, giving her extra naps...  not sure :(  I hope this is just a quick phase because I'm not sure I can carry her around all day anymore!  She's always been a little snuggle bug, but now she's starting to be more vocal about wanting to be with me all the time!

In the slideshow below you'll see our sweet happy girl smiling, some sister hugs, Liv's different hairstyles (SHE HATED THIS!), fun with Mommy, snow baby in a basket, peek-a-boo, bath time, fun with Daddy, family Rock Band time, making lemonade, Liv puts in her own pacifier, and snuggling in a blanket!  Whew!  Enjoy your week!


Marilyn said...

Nancy, thanks for the great update and for posting so early in the day! You're the best!

Liv, you keep getting cuter and sweeter every day! I can't wait to meet you!!!


Anonymous said...

Liv looks like Jilli with the pigtails!