Thursday, February 25, 2010

27 Weeks Old

Hi there sunshine!  What a great week we have had!
Maybe it was the extra attention she got during the week we spent in Las Vegas with my parents, or maybe she's decided her Mommy was right and there was no need for that whiney behavior!  Either way, we've got our happy go lucky little Liv back!

The funny thing is that on each plane ride, she decided to FREAK OUT for about 5 minutes.  Unexplained, uncontrollable crying.  It was like she was in pain or something... terrible.  I don't think it was her ears, but that may have contributed.  Oh well.  It was just a few minutes of crying (but enough to scare the people around us... lol)

She was an absolute peach in NV, and loved visiting with my Mom and Dad, as well as a quick visit from my Grandma Mary, & Uncle Mark.  At the end of the trip, my sister Marilyn and her fiance Neal drove in from California to meet Liv.  Marilyn then flew home with me and the girls (Ryan had headed back home earlier in the week) and is hanging out with us here on the East coast until Friday.  It's been great to have her here- she is SUPER helpful with the girls, and it's fun to have some sister time for me too!  We went today and had a photo taken of the four of us, one of her with the girls, and two of Liv for her 6 month birthday!

You can check them out HERE, or on the slideshow below!

Have a great week!!!


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Anonymous said...

both of your girls are just adorable!! I love Jillian's little sneaky smile and Livvy makes the cutest faces.