Thursday, March 11, 2010

29 Weeks Old

Since we've been home so much for the past few weeks, I've really had a chance to watch Liv, and analyze her development. It's interesting, because her laid back attitude really shows in the things she is doing. Yes, she loves to chew on things, but no, she won't go out of her way to reach them. Yes, she can sit up on her own, but hey, isn't it just easier to lay down? haha! Anyway... I'm not concerned about her by any means, I just think her behavior is a little unusual for a 2nd born... shouldn't she be trying like heck to keep up with Jillian?! And then, I think about their relationship, and realize Jillian enables Liv to be a "baby" most of the time... She brings her toys, she moves things closer for her, she plays right next to Liv so, "she can see". It's very sweet. One of the things I am enjoying most right now is watching this sister relationship develop. They certainly do like each other a lot!

In regards to the RSV, things are still a little yucky around here. Thank goodness for the awesome weather we have been having that has allowed for LOTS of outside time (even some naked outside time! See the photos....) It's been great. Liv loves being in the swing outside as much as Jillian did, so that makes it easy for me. Liv still hates tummy time (unless she is naked!) and still shows zero interest in trying to crawl/creep/scoot.

In the PHOTOS (LINK) this week, you'll see Liv getting a breathing treatment, snuggling with Daddy, lots of fun in the yard, sister kisses, standing up outside, swinging, & examining a tag (to determine its chew-a-bility I assume).

Have a great week, and send positive energy our way that we FINALLY kick this nasty virus and can get out of the house again!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

My favorite photo is the one where Liv is leaning up against the swing set laughing!!! She's so sweet! Jillian is such a loving sister to give her so many kisses!
Rachel was the same way Liv is about motivation to reach the milestones. She was very happy to let everyone cater to her needs. Her motto: Work smarter not harder. haha!