Thursday, March 4, 2010

28 Weeks Old

You know, it seems thus far, whatever life throws her way, Liv takes it in stride (can you say 'in stride' before someone can walk?!) and is happy, happy, happy.  I hope that's a lifelong trait for her...
This week, life (aka: a skating rink full of snotty kids) threw RSV her way.  For those of you that don't know, RSV is a respiratory virus that is quite infectious, lasts for longer than an average cold, and can be quite serious for small infants, or people in high risk categories (such as anyone with a compromised immune system, asthma, or lung disease).  Fortunately, our kids do not have any of those risks so although they both have it right now, it's presenting in them as a standard cold...  The problem is, as a responsible parent, you really need to quarantine your kid if they are coughing/runny at all to prevent spreading the infection to other people/kids who may be high risk, and could seriously be in danger if they caught it!  So, we're homebound.

And, even though I knew our girls are not in a high risk category, when a doctor says, "Yup, Liv tested positive" it makes your heart jump.  Poor little thing.

So, we now own another humidifier for each of the girls rooms, have lots of baby vicks on hand for soothing stuffy noses, and we're ridin' it out.  We suspect they caught it last Monday at the skating rink, so if that's the case, we're already 10 days into the virus.  Hopefully we'll be all clear after the weekend...  

And, as you can see (I took the above photo of Liv today) despite not feeling well, she's still pretty darn happy.  :)

Also this week Aunt Marilyn headed home to California (the girls and I miss her!), Liv is turning a corner on eating baby food (she's made it very clear that she (like her sister) HATES rice cereal and would prefer just fruit or veggies), and (as pictured) can stay standing by herself if you place her next to something for her to hold onto!  I'm glad she did this so I could get a good photo of her hilarious naked butt!  ;)

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