Thursday, March 25, 2010

31 Weeks Old

My only complaint this week would have to be that for a little while now, Liv has decided waking up around 5:30am would be a good idea.  No thanks.  But, look at this face...  how mad could I really be?!  Lately, Liv has been getting much more 'grabby'.  She's constantly putting things in her mouth, grabbing my shirt, pulling on my necklace...   It's fun to see her really interacting with her environment.  She still loves to lay on her back on a blanket and look at the ceiling fans, and is pretty content just being there- no scooting, purposeful rolling, trying to crawl just yet.  

In the PHOTOS this week (link), you'll see a pic of two double strollers at the mall (it's an impressive amount of kids/cargo!),  Jillian and Liv in Jilli's 'reading corner', family snuggle on Jillian's new full size big girl bed, happy Liv/sleepy Liv, outside eating leaves, lunch on the patio, snuggle time, chewing time, and fun at/outside of the Baltimore Science Museum with good friends.  What a week!

Hope all is well...


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Marilyn said...

Love Love Love all the new pictures! Looks like Liv enjoyed another great week. Can't wait to see everyone in May! XOXOX

Grandma Trisha said...

Thank you for sharing- I need my weekly fix!

The Hayes Family said...

Liv, you are tooooo cute!!!! Now, waking up at 5:30 is no fun for a mommy. Trust me, I know! I hope you sleep in more next week!!