Thursday, July 1, 2010

45 Weeks Old

She said Ma Ma! Hooray! In all fairness, she didn't look at me or say it TO me or anything, but she can VERY distinctly make the MaMaMaMa sound now :) Makes my day to hear it.

Crawling update: At this point, I'm confident Liv has the strength to be crawling, and based on how she climbs all over me when we snuggle in bed, or lunges when she sees something she wants, (ie, the computer right now!!!) I'd say she has the motor skills too. The desire? Still nill. Oh well. She does put one foot behind her so she can lean Waaaaay over to reach things, and 'walk' hand over hand to lower herself down, or go back to a sitting position... :)

One big thing of note this week is Liv is finally drinking out of a sippy cup without a problem. She still needs an assist to get it tipped, but she sucks down water like nobody's business!

It's been a busy week, and we're having lots of fun this summer! Check out all the PHOTOS from this week (link)! You'll notice we were able to meet up with our friend Kathy in DC... up until this week, we were only 'online friends' so it was a huge treat to meet her in person! You'll also see Liv at the pool, helping Jillian and I make lemonade (by sitting in the sink!), lots of time outside, and a very familiar highchair pose with one foot up on the tray... Hmmm... I suppose these girls are siblings after all! Oh, and a collection of Liv munching on a leaf outside. High fiber diet ;)

More updates in 7 days!



Marilyn Eve said...

Looks like lots of fun! Liv is a cutie!

XOXOXO Auntie Marilyn

Aunt Julie said...

Sweet baby girls! Lucky Liv has such fabulous eyelashes!

Anonymous said...

I want to hug Liv, and squeeze Liv, and kiss Liv and...I guess you get the hint, and that goes double for her beautiful sister Jillian!
Love to you all!

Aunt Gidget