Thursday, July 29, 2010

49 Weeks Old!

Another week already?

I suspect Liv is working on her top two teeth now. The drooling and mid day thumb sucking had stopped, and now we're full steam ahead again. I guess maybe she will have a toothy grin for her first birthday photos! The bottoms two are looking great and don't seem to be giving her any trouble now... She's happily using them for new things- like eating an entire piece of pizza WHOLE! I handed her a slice while we were at a party, (expecting her to gnaw on it a little) and when I turned around a few minutes later, it was gone. I looked on the floor. I asked Jillian about it. Then, the Dad across the table said, "um... yeah, she ate that whole thing". I could not believe it!

This week Liv did something new- sat up in her crib. I laugh because I know this is WAY later than most kids sit up in the crib, but up until just the other day, our sweet content little girl was always just laying there in the same place I had left her. Imagine my surprise when I went in at nap time, and both her legs were hanging through the bars, and her arms were draped over the top of the rail. She was just sitting there chillin', smiling at me. Time to finally lower her crib- at 11 months... hehe! Sweet baby.

To clarify, she's been able to go from her belly to sitting by herself for some time, but this is just the first time she did it in her crib. :)

This week in the photos (link) you'll see the girls sharing a cinnamon roll on Saturday morning (we've been doing "Cinnamon Roll Saturday" as a weekly tradition for nearly a year now, and sweet cupcake is finally old enough to taste our breakfast treat too!), showing off "I'm getting married rings" with Natalie, Liv patiently playing the patient in Jillian's favorite Dr. game, some naked crawling and bare feet comparing, Liv showing her flexibility on the white background, Liv's friend Leah 'encouraging her' to stand up, -smile- the girls having fun at Chuck-e-cheese (and Liv with that pizza I mentioned), sweet sleepy baby crawling, posing in a cute outfit (thanks Cindy!), and fun at the pool.

Have a great week!



Grandma Trisha said...

Thursday already?! 49 weeks old?!
Time is flying...

Meagan Shaw said...

52 weeks is coming too soon! :(