Thursday, August 12, 2010

51 Weeks Old

Doesn't she look sassy in this photo? It's like she is thinking- yeah... I could crawl away from you now if I wanted to Mom! Haha! Gotta love new found independence!

Something exciting happened today- Liv pulled up to stand all by herself! She was playing on the ground and I cleaned up a toy she was apparently not done with yet. So, she crawled right over to the toy box, grabbed it, and stood up. I tried to get her to recreate this feat (I even 'bribed her' with my laptop on the couch) but so far it's a one time occurrence. More to follow, I'm sure! ;)

If you check out the PICTURES FROM THIS WEEK (link), you'll see our notorious messy eater, opening an early birthday present from Kathy (thanks Kathy!), playing at an awesome dramatic play center in Baltimore, posing outside in a cute Hawaiian dress, Sweet girl with a soccer ball, crawling around accessorized -smile-, playing with Daddy and Jillian, and a very unhappy Liv while I tried to recreate a picture I had taken of Jillian wearing the same cute tank top. Oh well.

Only a little more than a week before our baby turns one- I can't believe it!

Until next week!!!!


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Marilyn said...

Happy almost birthday Livvie Liv!