Thursday, August 5, 2010

50 Weeks Old

50. Weeks. Old.


This week Liv finally learned how to scoot/crawl!!! Every once in awhile, she will get her knees under her for a good push, but mostly it's an interesting hip pivot technique which is featured in the video I added at the bottom of this post. She's such a sweet girl- now she will "crawl" over to me, put her arms up and say. "Mammmamamam" Aww...

In the PHOTOS THIS WEEK (link) you'll see a few photos of Liv's famous disastrous eating style, and typical after meal rinse in the sink, Liv modeling the back of an adorable outfit, our friend Ashley who was back for another visit, so we enjoyed hanging out with her around the house, and with some local friends. We hosted a play date for our MOMS Club about community helpers (firemen, police...) and a friend brought along her husbands fireman hat- SO Cool! Liv looks SO little under it!!! Despite the heat and humidity, we managed to get some cute photos of Ashley with the girls, and of Liv in the grass. Don't miss my favorite new photo of the girls- a black and white of Jillian kissing Liv and a cute one of sisters in matching pajamas too.

Have a wonderful week!



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Marilyn Eve said...

Great update. It's so cute hearing Jilli calling her Liv Liv... I pretty much always refer to her as Liv Liv or cupcake of course :)

Can't wait to see you all in September!

XOXOXO Auntie Mar Mar