Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Liv,

If you'd like to hear about Liv's birthday party, or see all the photos from her special day today, click HERE!

Dear Liv,

I am completely and totally in love with you. I've never met a baby quite like you- you're so easy going and fun to be around. While you make your desire to be with me above other people known, you've never really had any 'stranger anxiety'. You'll let pretty much anyone hold you, and you're pretty generous with your smile too. Ever since you were a tiny baby, you have been this way- it melts my heart and you make me so proud.

I feel like because of your easy going attitude, you don't have a really a strong desire to get up and go. You're crawling now, but it's still more of a 'hand-hand-scoot' technique rather than moving one knee at a time. Twice, you've pulled up to stand on things, but you can't get yourself sitting again after that. If we help you to stand up next to something (like the couch) you can hold yourself there for a long time. To be honest, even though you consistently roll over to sleep on your belly now, you never seem to roll over from your back to your belly during the day. If I lay you on a blanket, you stay on your back and kick your legs in the air, chew on your toes, or suck your thumb. I'd say you're a lazy baby, but that sounds rude. You're perfectly wonderful, and totally content. And, I love it.

When I sit you down places, you pop right over to your hands and knees, lay on your belly to play, and then move yourself back to a sitting position without any problem. You do scoot around to explore, but mostly you're pleased as punch to wait for your big sister to bring you a toy or entertain you in some way.

Your thumb. Oh geez, Liv. Don't you want to stop sucking your thumb? You're an addict. I have a hard time deciding if it's something we should be more aggressive about stopping, or let it run it's course. For now, I'm leaving you alone about it. Hopefully you'll get bored of it once you're moving around a little more, and busy exploring.

You're not quite as vocal as your sister was at this age. You say Ma Ma Ma all day long, but other than that, not much. You can say "Hi & Da Da" too. Maybe a few more things, but nothing very consistent.

While I've tried like heck not to neglect you for being second born, we have been slackers with you as far as teaching you sign language is concerned. We've barely done it. Sorry baby. I'll try to do a little more. You can clap on command, wave, and high five (softly) though. :) Also, if I hold out my pointer finger you will hold out yours and touch tip to tip. I really like that.

When you make eye contact with anyone in our family, you light up like a firework and we do the same in return. You've got all of us wrapped around your little finger, and we're loving every minute of it. Today your sister told me- "Mommy- you're the birthday Mommy, I'm the birthday sister, and Liv is the birthday girl!!!" She was so excited for you, and had so much fun celebrating your birthday with our family and friends. Daddy had fun too- I know his heart swelled with happiness when you offered him some of your birthday cake just like your sister did on her first birthday. Thanks for sharing sweet girl!

I almost forgot to add my most favorite thing about you! How you snuggle! Often, you'll just rest your little head on my shoulder and make sweet little "Mhmmm, Mhmmm" noises while you rest on me. With Jillian, I had to wait for her to have a fever before she would snuggle like this! It's such a treat to have a healthy happy baby who's willing to hug me like that! Even if you don't want to snuggle, if I push your head onto me and ask you to, you'll oblige for a few seconds before popping your head up and looking at me as if you're asking, "was that enough, Mommy?"

I love you baby. I can't tell you enough how proud I am to be your Mom. You are our sweet little cupcake. Happy Birthday.



P.S. This is IT for Liv's baby blog. I can't believe it. Thursday is going to feel a little vacant now. Don't worry though... If you need your Kules baby fix, just visit us at where I'll continue to keep you updated about the latest happenings in MD!


Grandma Trisha said...

Nancy- Great job on the blog- it is even better to see what a great experience you've had with Liv in her first year.
Love Always- Mom

Meagan Shaw said...

Ah... A little sad. It's already been a year. I can't believe it. Great job on the blog Nance. I know it was a bit of work for you, but it was so nice for those of us far away that don't get see your little chitlins grow as much as we'd like to. Looks like the party was a smash hit. You're such and inspiration! Thanks. Love ya all,

Natalie said...

What a sweet love note for your baby. Liv and Jillian are so lucky to have such a wonderful mommy. Love you! Xoxoxo

Marilyn said...

Sweet Liv,

I can't believe how fast your first year has flown by. You are a darling girl and truly a cupcake to be around and even just to look at.

I can't wait to see you continue to grow and spread happiness around.

XOXOX Auntie Mar

stinkerbelle said...

Ok, break out the tissue! Nancy, you have created such a beautiful blog for Liv and I have enjoyed following it every week. What a special gift you've given your daughter! Your letter to her is so touching, I know she will enjoy reading for years to come. My sister was the same way in that she was content sitting right where we left her with me bringing her toys. I sucked my thumb till the first day of school in the first grade! And, my brother always held out his index finger to touch tip to tip with those he loved the most and he did it well into adulthood!

I think the letters you've written to both Liv and Jillian need to be printed and placed securely in a safe deposit box and taken out to read to them at their rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding! Very special!

Amanda F.

Grandma Trisha said...

Today is Thursday. I am missing my virtual visit. It is hard to believe how quickly time is passing.

Abby said...

Awwwww, Nancy this brought tears to my eyes. It just goes so fast ~ I can't believe my little man is already 10 weeks old. They're just so sweet and I love all the stages (so far). Liv just sounds so precious ~ you guys make great babies ~ I guess it's time for the Kules family to work on #3 :)