Thursday, April 29, 2010

36 Weeks Old

Liv is 8 months old, and while we were at the pediatrician for Jillian, I plopped her on a scale- 18.4lbs! I actually thought she would weigh more than that... maybe she's starting to slow down a little...

This week in the PHOTOS (LINK) you'll see that we celebrated Ryan's birthday! Also, Liv had fun outside, ate lunch at Sonic (she got to eat a french fry!), and enjoyed hanging out with her baby friend Laney at the Go Cart Raceway. We also enjoyed lots of sister bath time, snacking on new things like cheese puffs (now that Liv is proficient at self feeding!), and playing with lots of toys! Whew!

I can also happily report that Liv seems to be turning over a new leaf on her attempt to be more mobile. She is doing this really funny worm wiggle crawl thing when she lays on her back. She still FAR prefers being on her back than belly, so unfortunately when we try to give her some time to practice crawling, she just flips right over. Oh well!

Until next week!


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