Thursday, April 22, 2010

35 Weeks Old

Da Da Daaa DAAaa Da Da! Big news for this week is Liv turned 8 months old, and is doing LOTS and LOTS of talking including saying Da Da all the time! It's so cute and despite the fact that I'm (more than) a little jealous that he gets to be first, I'm trying to focus on the fact that it means Ma Ma is probably just around the corner... :)
Oh man, I could just gobble this kid up. Her little personality is just so lovable! She always has a big smile for anyone willing to make eye contact with her, and she's just such a joy to be around. Ryan and I were pretty sure we wanted to have another baby before we had Liv, but if we weren't convinced this is the type of baby that would convince to go ahead and try for #3- she's just so amazing- I can't say it enough.

This week Ryan's Dad traveled to see us and although I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, that's only because we were SO busy while he was here. It was a great visit- thanks for taking your time to come see us, Jay!

In the PHOTOS THIS WEEK (LINK) you'll see Go Cart racing, Grandpa Jay, out to lunch, fun in the yard, and a VERY unhappy baby being forced to try to crawl. It's still a no go, folks. ;)

Until next week,



Anonymous said...

I really love all the pictures you get of your cute little girls! I'm thinking this Christmas I'll put a fancy camera on my list for Santa to bring me... Your camera has great quality!


Grandma Trisha said...

Liv is certainly not ready to crawl. Drive a race car- okay- crawl not a fan. Looks like another great week!