Thursday, April 15, 2010

34 Weeks Old

Each week I like to pick my favorite photo of Liv's face for this blog.  For this "main photo" it's always one of her looking right at the camera.  Even though this one isn't my absolute favorite (when I saw the choices I had to work with I just about grabbed her out of bed at 11:15pm for a quick photo shoot) (I'm only a little kidding) but it will do.  She's a cutie even if the photo is a tad out of focus on her face!

Anyway- as usual, Liv has been a peach this week.  The new thing to report is over the past few weeks, she's been getting better and better at feeding herself little things, and sitting in the high chair.  She's getting so big!  She really likes eating yogurt drops, and these little veggie straw things (that are basically potato chips).  It's cute, and although she does make a huge mess and drop most of it on the floor, it's progress.  Let's just say that she and Peanut are getting to be better and better friends...  ;)

Today I was telling Ryan about what a great day I had with the girls.  It was fabulous.  We went out to a garden in Baltimore that plants 80K tulips each year!!!  80K!!!  There were all sorts of flower beds, and lots of variety in bloom colors and such.  Most of the PHOTOS FROM THIS WEEK are from the garden.  I took Liv's Easter dress with us, and got a few extra of her in that!


Until next week.....



Anonymous said...

taking a break from studying to look at picture of my gorda. Love them!

Grandma Trisha said...

I KNOW it's only Wednesday, but I had to look at these again. Tulips and pretty babies- what could be better?! I can't wait until tomorrow for another fix!