Thursday, April 8, 2010

33 Weeks Old

Although there are a good number of photos this week (LINK), there's not as much variety as usual.  This is because over Easter weekend, we traveled to NYC, and I left my camera on the train when we got off.  I could not believe it!  We assumed there was no chance we'd get it back, but believe it or not, after a series of phone calls, (I'm making this sound easy!) it was found and shipped back to me!  Amazing!

This week Liv enjoyed her second trip to New York, lots of fun family Easter time, and time outside enjoying our great Spring weather!

Busy day... that's all for now-



Grandma Trisha said...

Great job sharing another busy week. Photo's make Thursdays special; the girls are growing so fast, when I look at previous weeks it's amazing.

The Hayes Family said...

Liv, your smile is contagious!

Nancy, I think I would have been sick if I lost my "good" camera. So glad you got it back!

Marilyn said...

Liv is so lovely! Thanks for all the pictures. XOXOX Auntie Marilyn