Sunday, May 16, 2010

38 Weeks Old

For the record, I know this post is late (Sorry Mom, and Marilyn) but after 37 weeks of posting on time, I hope you'll cut me some slack this once! ;)

This week was very busy. On Thursday we were in NYC for a work event for Ryan, and Friday late afternoon we returned home and rushed around to prepare for a small birthday party we had for Jillian on Saturday. We had a wonderful time, but that event kept me from posting until now. Plus, my Dad came into town on Thursday night and our friend Neil is visiting too! It's been crazy, but lots of fun!
Another reason I didn't post until now is because I can't find the cord for my small point and shoot camera and it's making me CRAZY!!! I usually don't have too many photos on that camera, but this week I happen to know there were one or two keepers! :( Oh well, I'll add them to the shutterfly link for this week when I find it!

Liv news for the week: She's consistently sitting in a high chair when we go out to eat, and she is the sweetest baby in the whole world. Period. Sorry other Moms out there, I'm sure your kid is very sweet too. Haha...

Have a wonderful week- I'll be back with more pictures on Thursday!

:) Nancy


Marilyn said...

Yay for the Liv post! Sorry we are so impatient but it's hard being 2000+ miles away from the sweetest baby in the whole world.

Thankfully I will be seeing Liv in person Saturday morning!!! Can't wait!!!

XOXOX Auntie Marilyn

The Hayes Family said...

Thanks for always sharing the adventures of Liv's week! I look forward to them just as I did Jillian's!