Thursday, May 20, 2010

39 Weeks Old

Even though it was Jillian's birthday week, Liv sure wasn't neglected in the photo taking! My Dad came from Nevada for a visit, and the girls had a wonderful time with Grandpa (thanks for coming, Dad!)
This week, Liv was a trooper with our busy schedule... It seems there was maybe one day of the week where she got to be on her normal routine. She's sweet none the less though. She's still not a huge fan of tummy time however (although I've yet to get a picture!) she can keep a little space between her belly and the floor if you prop her up in crawling position! Hey! It's a start!!!

CLICK HERE for the photos this week: you'll see Jillian's birthday get together this past weekend, lots of fun with Grandpa (at the Science Center, at home, and bike riding), some shots of her eating, and a little photo shoot outside.

Until next week!

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Grandma Trisha said...

Wow! What fun- I'm glad Randall got to have time with those little ones- they are growing up so fast! The tricycle ride was a hoot!