Thursday, May 6, 2010

37 Weeks Old

'Lollipop Lollipop oh lolli, lolli, lolli. Lollipop Lollipop oh lolli, lolli, lolli.... LolliPOP!'

8 months old, and guess who got their first lollipop today? LIV! No, I would have never done this on my own, and no, I did not get a picture. It all just happened SO fast, and only lasted a few seconds... We went to the dry cleaner and Jillian was acting shy. The nice lady there bribed her to be friendly with a lollipop. It worked. Moments later, the lady had unwrapped another one and given it to MY BABY! Goodness! I must have looked shocked when I glanced down into her car seat because the lady quickly assured me that, "she likes it!" Um. Yeah. I'm sure she does!

In the end, Jillian ended up with 2 lollipops, and I ended up with one very jealous and sticky baby.
Another first for Liv this week was 'swimming' in our little pool in the yard. The girls loved this, and Liv was not bothered at all by the cold water or being splashed. They had a great time playing, I had a great time taking photos. :)

Liv is also starting to try some new foods. She got ahold of some Ritz crackers the other day, and was pretty darn happy about that. She also is getting the hang of some finger veggies and other regular items cut up really small. She still does not have any teeth, but she's workin' those gums on her food very well!

Aside from those things, in the PHOTOS THIS WEEK you'll see a picture of Liv sitting in her diaper and none too pleased about it. It's rare, but this was taken on an afternoon where she was crabby, crabby, crabby! I'm glad she's not a grouch like that very often, but also more than happy to take a moment to document it when she is. Haha!

Take care!


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