Thursday, May 27, 2010

40 Weeks Old

WHAT?!?! 9 months old? Awww.... little cupcake, we love you so much!

This week has been crazy fun! Ryan went out of town (to Iraq!) so MY grandma and sister Marilyn came into town for a visit. Grandma Mary turned 70 on May 25th, and we though it would be cool for her to spend this milestone birthday with her two granddaughters AND two GREAT-granddaughters! That makes for a great photo, huh? I'll be sure to get at least one great group shot before they leave on Saturday. I've got to say: Marilyn and Grandma are officially smitten with baby Liv. I should also add, they have been sharing very nicely ;) Good job girls. Good thing we have sweet Jillian to steal some (lots!) of their attention too.

We've been hanging out at the house, (I've been getting some things done sans children since I've got willing live in babysitters here! haha!) meeting up with local friends, and playing tourist in the DC area a little. It's been great.

Liv updates: she's turning a corner on her tummy time!!! The other night I was sitting in the living room with Grandma and Marilyn and we thought Liv might like being on her belly more with a little pillow under there for support. Sure enough! Then, we made the pillow prop smaller and smaller and now she is not putting up much of a fuss at all about being on just her belly for short periods of time. It's progress! Also, Liv has been impressing Grandma with her hand eye coordination- there's a little loop on a ball toy we have and Liv will focus, and then poke her little finger right through the loop to grab it. Cute, cute...

Also, for the record, I believe Liv's official nickname has stuck: It's CUPCAKE. :)

Until next week,



Grandma Trisha said...

I love Thursdays! Your photo's are always great, but its so heartwarming to see the fun you girls are having. Keep up the good times :)

Jenny said...

Oh, yay, you are not alone. Awesome! I can see your pretty smile in hers!